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Matthew Nielsen
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Copyright Notice: All artwork, unless stated otherwise in descriptions and/or disclaimers, is copyright Matthew Nielsen (aka The Nuclear Jackal).

Sharing: Feel free to share my work via social networks, forums, e-mails and other such ways, as long as you're sure to credit me as The Nuclear Jackal and link back to my deviantART page. You may not reproduce my work for commercial means. My work is not stock. Please ask permission in advance if you wish to use it in a piece of artwork of your own.

Information about me: Most of my work focuses on Graphic Novels, Comics and Writing. I am inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, philosophy and adventure and much of what I do involves imagining stories and worlds and creating believable characters (or, in a lot of cases, unbelievable characters made of randomness). I was born and raised in Wales by a Canadian mother and a Danish father. The Nuclear Jackal is a character that I created and he has become my internet identity.


The Nuclear Jackal by NuclearJackal Self-portrait by NuclearJackal New Stripes by NuclearJackal


So many people have drawn NJ in their own style that I've made a Hub for all the artwork :XD:

NJ Artwork HubA hub for all the NJ-related Art and Fan Art B-):horns:

This is in regards to the character Nuclear Jackal B-) NJ was originally a logo I drew in College. I then made a surreal self-portrait I did based on the logo, and he soon became very popular as a character and makes appearances in my comic, Johnny Steve's Miraculous Trip
NJ himself doesn't have a backstory (feel free to make your own backstory if you like). However he's a shapeshifter who can transform into various forms, including a female version of himself, and he can also duplicate himself into many forms, so he can be in two places at once. 
All artwork regarding the Nuclear Jackal that is uploaded by me, NuclearJackal , is official. Artwork done by others is unofficial (and awesome too! :clap:
Are Nuclear Jackals a species? Well officially there is only one Nuclear Jackal, who can take on different forms and multiply itself. However, if Nuclear Ja

Nuclear Jackal by Mental-Lighton Nuclear Jackal by NurseRozetta95

Gallery picks:

How alone are you? by NuclearJackal Spiritual Wolf Sky by NuclearJackal Finnish Lake by NuclearJackal Alice Cooper by NuclearJackal Candle by NuclearJackal Candle II by NuclearJackal Hand 1 by NuclearJackal Hand 7 by NuclearJackal Hand 4 by NuclearJackal On Patrol by NuclearJackal Waking City by NuclearJackal A Great Forest by NuclearJackal Zuko and Sokka by NuclearJackal Snowy Mountains by NuclearJackal Laakkonen's Valley by NuclearJackal The Black Knight by NuclearJackal Totoro and Snorlax by NuclearJackal Cathedral and Shop at winter by NuclearJackal Nora's Campsite by NuclearJackal Winter Solstice by NuclearJackal

Daily Deviation award
Dad's Nostalgia by NuclearJackal
Huhuha, NurseRozetta95 has uploaded some photos of many JSMT crochet figures that she's made. It's so awesome to see NJ and JSMT fan art :la: 

NJ and Thrasher by NurseRozetta95 

Strange (but cute) couple by NurseRozetta95 

Johnny Steve's Miraculous Trip in crochet form by NurseRozetta95 

Johnny Steve and Pie Bug by NurseRozetta95

JSMT will keep going for another few days. Once Act 11 Chapter 3 is done, it'll once again go on hiatus whilst I work on other things. I will also upload some deleted scenes at the end (all at once too ;D) 

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